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Sublime - “Saw Red” (Feat. Gwen Stefani)   

Brad and Gwennie!!! :’) I SAW RED!!!

This cover is LIFE.COM :’) »»»»»»»
and Gwen’s abs *_* HUdugfuepgfweygfpgefyhdgfhl

POTD: 25/5/12: Rest In Peace Bradley James Nowell =( Gone but NEVER forgotten! Pass his music on!

Really another year gone by without you?! 16 years he died: ONE week [7 days] of been married, an 11th month old son, Lou The Dog and a main-stream album that broke them into fame. And god damn that is ONE hell of a good album; simply titled: Sublime.
But, I would go and buy Sublime Gold has it has like 43 of their recordings damn you won’t turn back! Want to know TRUE AND PROPER music, listen NO further than Sublime/Bradley Nowell [the guitarist and vocalist….+ lyricist]

POTD: 10/4/12: MY FAVES!!!!!! [None specific order….apart from ND + Gwen being first ;)]

All over music I listen to, even if it’s one song, is in my bio on my blog!

POTD: 23/3/12: Sublime da dopest band ever! :’)

POTD: 23/3/12: Sublime da dopest band ever! :’)

Day 20 - No Doubt – 30 day song challenge

Day 20: Your favourite cover - DJs - Sublime!

Original [Sublime] -

Live In The Tragic Kingdom [LITTK] —

2009 tour — [0:38 - 0:50] I’ve got a staring problem! and

Sublime is in my top 4 fave musicians! ND, Bush, Rihanna and SUBLIME! ND and Sub were best friends n shiz, and I love the fact that ND have covered them AND did again on the 09 tour :’) [Most bands, or ND at least, never seem to do the same cover on tour ever again and as ND did D.J’s on the Tragic Kingdom tour, I wasn’t expecting them to do it, some dates, on the 2009 tour!!!!!! *Rejoice*]

POTD: 22/2/12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY JAMES NOWELL! Should have been 44 today =( You are so loved and missed! REST IN PARAIDE DUDE! You’re music is just the bestest thing ever and your voice is just axlknaslxknsklsdknks!!!

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.
  1. No Doubt
  2. Bush
  3. Sublime
  4. Rihanna
  5. Gwen Stefani
  6. Gavin Rossdale
  7. The Specials
  8. Bob Marley
  9. Madness
  10. Paramore

What was the first song you heard by number 6Love Remains the Same

What is your favourite lyrics from number 5? I’d buy everything. Clean out Vivienne Westwood in my Galliano gown. No, wouldn’t just have one hood. A Hollywood mansion if I could. Please book me first class to my fancy house in London town

  What is your favourite song by number 8? One Love

What kind of impact has number 1 had on your life? HUGE – the biggest of anyone, anything!

When did you first get into 2? Humm, about 2008. Yes,that late! =P

How did you get into 3?  Because of number 1 xD

What is your favourite song by 4? MAN DOWN – and it just got it’s 100th play on my iPod/iTunes. It’s my most played!

How many times have you seen 9 live? Zero

Favourite album by 7? Special

What is your favourite song of 1? Where’s Your Lovin’? || Released = Sunday Morning

How did you become a fan of number 10? Because of number one, again, and also my peers (but no pressure!)

What songs of 4’s do you listen to the least?  Sell Me Candy

Top 2 favourite songs by 5? 4 In The Morning and hummmm, Rich Girl.

Have you seen 10 live? Nope. They did do a show where I live, but I found out too late so I couldn’t go =( Bad times!

Have you met 4? No. I’d love to and hope to one day!

What’s your favourite album by 1?  Tie between: The Beacon Street Collection and Rock Steady

Favourite lyric of 7? Don’t want to be rich, don’t want to be famous . But I’d really hate to have the same name as you …Ain’t you heard of the starving millions, ain’t you heard of contraception. Do you really a program of sterilization take control of the population boom, it’s in your living room. Keep a generation gap, try wearing a cap

What is one of 2’s best songs? Comedown

What’s your favourite song by number 3? Humm: What I Got, Badfish, Date Rape, Doin’ Time =P Sooooooo many!

How long have you known 6? Since around 2008, so 3 coming 4 years!

Which one have you known the longest? Number 5 - Gwen Stefani – since I was like 9/10 and now I’m 17 next month xD Yeahhhh, she stole my heart!

PsOTD: 8/10/11: Whyyyy God whyyy?! <////3 
Of allll the other ‘musicians’ you take him at age 28 in 1996?! Seriously?! =”’(

Rest/Rasta In Peace Bradley James Nowell ♥