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like… he done made over 30 songs about her. he bought her a ring that cost 3 million dollars with 20 carats. he done did interviews about her saying how she knows his heart and he knows hers. how to a degree he feels like she’s his soulmate. how she has the same spirit that made him fall in love…

"not trying to be far fetched, but do you think maybe there was reason mel posted that pic? maybe to saw 'drop the hate, they're cool' or 'there friends' or anything atall? or just a pic" by Anonymous


Just a pic in my opinion. I wouldnt read too much into it. Honestly I appreciate Mel for always being neutral to whatever was going on with C&R, at least publicly. As far as I can recall she’s never expressed her opinion about C&R’s situation. -Jooleeuh

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

…I LOVE and just ‘respect’/’think highly of’ the fact that both of Rihanna & Chris’s friends and family don’t hold grudges etc against one-another no matter what may, or may not, be happening between the relationship of Chrianna.

Their families don’t seem to mind/bother about it, publicly anyway, to not post/do anything or do/say something negative. I have always loved this about both families! Happy to post, fave, RT etc etc things about/with one-another.

Just all love n respect. 







lmaoo, this is why I love her sooo fackin much.

LOL!! You gotta enjoy this post loll


I’m dying



Perth :) matching Supreme hoodies

They were tired…or jet lagged! Rubbin their eyes n looking tired as hell =P 

"y'all want Rih to be stuck on Chris forever? she doesn't have to be friend with him doe... cordial maybe, but let her alone and stop forcing this shit upon both" by Anonymous


it’s not forcing… this two know each other for almost 10 years… they were best friends and lovers.. they basically grew up together… they shared so much and now you have a problem when we say that they should at least rebuilt their friendship.. they don’t need to date ever again, if that’s not right for them, but it would be amazing if they could be on talking terms or even making music again, because together they can make big things… - Dee

"So happy Rih is spending time enjoying her life and not feeding into the BS. I love her. She works hard and has earned everything she has." by Anonymous
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Video of Rih singing to Majesty

Omg„ her voice is so different here. I’ve never heard it like it. IT’S AWESOME!

and Majesty is cute aF!

"Ri is simply a breath of fresh air. She is so natural and comfortable in her own skin despite the industry she is in. Which can be mostly fake.Rih is truly one of the greats! She is just so honestly herself. It is rare to find that in anyone not just a celebrity. You either lover her or you hate her but either way she's just going to do her! She is da realist! I love the pics of her at FIFA! She makes me want to go out and enjoy life! What is yo bucket list bruh! My motto this year!" by Anonymous




I can’t agree more! Outside of the music n stuff, THIS is one of the main reasons why I am a Rihanna Navy. Why I love her. Why I don’t care either people like her or not. Not everyone is, but ROBYN don’t care. She is HAPPY and COMFORTABLE in her OW SKIN, her OWN LIFE. She is gonna live it HER way. Her mistake…is her mistake….her joy…is her joy. ‘Real life’ isn’t perfect, you aren’t gonna be happy all the time, but at least Robyn doesn’t pretend it is or lie’s to her self. In a society were people are quite strong to how women should or shouldn’t feel or do, Robyn Rihanna is REAL and DOESN’T LISTEN to any of it. She lives. She tells me to be who the hell I am. Do n say the stuff I wanna do (not stupid stuff that is…stupid) but be my self. Stand on my own two feet. Don’t let other’s get to you or change what you were gonna say/do. She is real. and I love her and respect her so much for it!